API Technologies-EIS:

Best known for the Spectrum Control™ line of coaxial Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) components. The company also offers a wide range of ceramics, connectors, and magnetics for use in a variety of defense, aerospace, industrial, energy, commercial, and consumer applications. API-EIS also provides comprehensive EMI testing services. Other featured product brands include: Filtran™, Keytronics™ and RTI Electronics™. www.eis.apitech.com





Teledyne Storm Microwave: RF/Microwave coax cables, cable assemblies, and adaptors through 50 GHz. Phase matched, phase stable, ruggedized, armored, and other high performance coax assemblies including multi-channel harnesses. Space qualified cable assemblies.




Teledyne Reynolds: Specializes in high reliability, high voltage interconnection products for use up to 75 KV in military, aerospace, industrial and medical applications. Other product lines include high voltage capacitive voltage multipliers, transient protection devices, precision ordnance products, ceramic-to-metal high voltage assemblies and complex encapsulated electronic modules. Custom interconnection designs are available including hybrid assemblies with almost any combination of low voltage, high voltage and fiber optic contacts. 






Tekmos: A fabless semiconductor company which designs and manufacturers ASICs to provide companies the best solutions for bridging the gap between standard parts and a completed finished product. Our complete product line contains IoT  - Small Form Factor w/ Stacked Die, Digital and Mixed Signal ASICs, FPGA Conversions, Microcontrollers – Mature Devices and Specialty Memories.




United Monolithic Semiconductors:

Designs, produces and markets leading edge GaAs and GaN RF and millimeter wave components and solutions for telecom infrastructure, space, defense and security, automotive radar and industrial sensors.  www.ums-gaas.com